もっと多くの子供たちが朝ごはんkfast. These children are noticeably lacking in concentration and achievement.
The Lunch box project is performed by Bio-Ring Allgäu and several local organizations.
The contents of the boxes are donated by Allgäu organic greengrocers, bakeries, fair-trade shops and organic manufacturers. The project is also supported by All Organic Treasures GmbH and other organic enterprises of the region.

Purpose of the Allgäu Organic Lunch Box:
The reusable box shall contribute to reduce waste and to show an example of a healthy school breakfast. It contains a carrot, an apple, wholegrain bread, müsli, a teabag, spread and a fair-trade sweet. All the food is organic. A flyer of the project provides information and ideas for parents and teachers how to continue filling the lunch box with healthy food so children can enjoy wholesome nutrition and develop an ecological awareness.